Friday, May 21, 2010

Taliban attack key US base in Afghanistan

We can't win. First and foremost because victory is not part of the strategy. But also because these freedom fighters aren't going to go away. They know victory belongs to them, and they're going to keep coming, and coming, and coming, until we finally leave. And the only factor that will determine our withdrawal is the political will to maintain the war here in America. And that depends on you. Will you leave the television on, and watch the fake news, reality TV, and mega-hyped corporate sports? Or will you take action to demand this madness stop?

    Associated Press -

    Insurgents launched a brazen pre-dawn assault Wednesday against the giant U.S.-run Bagram Air Field, killing an American contractor and wounding nine service members in the second Taliban strike at NATO forces in and around the capital in as many days.

    At least 10 insurgents were killed as Taliban suicide bombers attempted to breach the defenses of the base north of Kabul, while others fired rockets and grenades inside, according to a statement issued by U.S. forces.

    The attack started around 3 a.m. Blasts and gunfire only subsided around midday, said Master Sgt. Tom Clementson, a spokesman for U.S. forces. No insurgents managed to get into the base and none were able to detonate their suicide vests, the statement said.

    The Bagram attack came a day after a suicide bomber struck a U.S. convoy in Kabul, killing 18 people. The dead included five American troops and a Canadian, making it the deadliest attack on NATO in the Afghan capital in eight months.

    The back-to-back attacks show the militants intent to strike at the heart of the U.S.-led mission, apparently part of an offensive announced by the Taliban earlier this month - even as NATO prepares for a major operation to restore order in the turbulent south.

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