Friday, May 21, 2010

Texas eyes 'patriotic' textbook changes

Tell most people everything they ever learned in school, particularly history, is completely worthless bullshit, and they look at you like you must hate America and have an outlook of history which portrays America as the cause of all evil in the world and Hitler as a saint who was martyred fighting for world peace. But this is part of the programming: never question authority. The State holds the keys to all truth, and, in its divine countenance, bestows this truth upon its children when they go to school. Add mind destroying vaccines, food additives, and psychotropic drugs, and you've condition the herd to believe anything.

The truth is not patriotic. The truth doesn't take sides, or paint anything in a positive - or negative - light. The truth is just the truth; it just is. You can't mold it or shape it or manipulate it, and you can only keep it hidden for so long.

    MSNBC -

    Is Texas on the verge of rewriting history, or just correcting it?

    The answer depends on whom you listen to on the state’s Board of Education, which is poised to vote this week on new social-studies curriculum standards that could significantly shape what Texas children — and perhaps those outside the nation's second-largest state — are taught in the classroom.

    Social conservatives on the 15-member Republican-dominated board are optimistic they will be able to push through curriculum changes that, according to board member and conservative Texas lawyer Cynthia Noland Dunbar, “promote patriotism.”

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