Tuesday, May 11, 2010

102 killed in Iraq's bloodiest day this year

They would like you to think that they're just mopping things up in Iraq, and it's pretty much all said and done there. We will never leave Iraq so long as the political will is non-existent to force them to pull our troops out of there. In other words, so long as you don't care, this will continue. If the shoe fits...

    AFP -

    Twin car bombs at a factory, followed by a suicide attack against emergency workers, and coordinated blasts targeting security forces killed 102 people on Monday in Iraq's bloodiest day this year.

    Nearly 350 people were wounded in more than 20 attacks nationwide, a surge in violence that came as Iraq moved closer to getting a new government two months after an election seen as crucial to US combat troops leaving the country by August 31.

    The deadliest attack saw two explosives-packed vehicles detonated minutes apart in the car park of a textiles factory in the central city of Hilla, 95 kilometres (60 miles) south of Baghdad, as workers boarded buses to go home.

    About an hour later, a massive blast, which an interior ministry official said was a suicide bomber wearing an explosives-filled belt, engulfed the area as emergency service workers treated victims at the scene.

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