Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UN fears ‘irreversible’ damage to natural environment

This is what drives me crazy about the hard left. I cite Raw Story often, because they feature a lot of stories about war crimes and the police state, and I know they mean well when they champion environmental issues, but they're barking up the wrong tree here.

Unlike Alternet - another hard left website I cite on occasion - they rarely mention genetically modified foods. And neither of them mention sodium fluoride being dumped in our water supply on a catastrophic scale; it is impossible that this toxic industrial waste dumping is limited simply to human consumption. You don't hear much about how we're going to deal with the floating garbage islands in our oceans. Yes, they've come down hard on the oil industry for the Gulf of Mexico disaster, and in this case I'm forced to oppose people I usually agree with, like Lew Rockwell, who apologizes for the disaster because BP will suffer greatly economically, and oil is perfectly natural anyway (so is mercury). And speaking of mercury, little is said about industries, particularly in Asia, which spew mercury into the atmosphere which eventually ends up in our water, which end up in the fish we eat. But I'm starting to digress I think.

The point is, the environmental focus is placed almost solely on "global warming", an utterly fake and fraudulent scam designed to impose the type of iron-fisted tyranny these leftists suppose to oppose. Other real, and more urgent issues are placed on the back-burner at best, if not ignored entirely. And for Raw Story to promote such a ludicrous claim from the UN really does a disservice to their credibility. Human beings are a mild nuisance to Earth. She'll brush off our pollution and deforestation and resource degradation like a mild case of fleas. I mean, hell, she's suffered through asteroid collisions that wiped out nearly all life on Earth, and yet, here we are! She's weathered ice ages that lasted thousands of years, and warm periods that were warmer for longer than this recent trend, which we all know ended 10-15 years ago, and was nothing too exceptional anyway - and wasn't caused by a rise in CO2. The ice sheets are gaining mass, not losing them. The temperature is dropping. Yet they're still trying to tell us it's getting warmer. They are so obviously and blatantly lying that it's ridiculous to continue promoting their lies.

Is there an ulterior motive here? Do leftists hate oil and coal so much (understandable) that they're willing to perpetuate absurdity on a grand scale? I'd love to see alternative energy truly researched and developed too. But I don't want to reduce the entire civilized world to the stone age before that happens.