Thursday, May 13, 2010

Savage - Would-Be Time Square Bomber a False Flag

Honest to god, I hoped really, really hard that this guy was a real crackpot, an actual criminal who, on his own whim, with no help or encouragement from the government, tried to set off a bomb. Because I'm not rabid in my loathing for government, ours in particular, enough to think they're always behind every attack, even though they're behind almost all of them.

And yet time and time again, it turns out to be the case. I knew the Christmas Day underbomber was a false flag, because not 24 hours after the attack, before all of the facts were known (facts that proved it was a government black op), they were calling for naked body scanners in all the airports. Problem, reaction, solution. It's any government's daily bread. Especially ours.

But last week I said, please let this guy be a jihadist or another Joe Stack or something. I know there are Muslims out there, fueled by their religious texts, which, I know, not all of them follow but they're there nonetheless, who would really like to kill you and I. Hell, some of them might want to kill us even if our country wasn't slaughtering Muslims by the many hundreds of thousands. But as usual, things are not as cut and dry as the media talking heads and government officials would have you believe. And wouldn't you know it, not two days had gone by before Mayor Bloomberg was saying we needed more cameras in New York and people on the TSA no-fly list needed to be denied Second Amendment rights - an agenda advocated by the regime long before Obama was even elected. Problem. Reaction. Solution.

And that seems to be the strategy here: inundate the masses with so many false flag attacks that people will get sick of us saying every attack is a black op, and think we're crying wolf every time. These people are brilliant and evil, and they're not playing around.